Project Brief and Context
To design a next generation pressure jacket for Bayer's power injector. Bayer believes that there's room to embed more functionality into the current jacket to improve the user's experience. The primary function of the current power jacket is to prevent the syringe from shattering under the extreme pressure of contrast dye injection.
Syringe and Pressure Jacket
Example of 3D Scans
Flow of Money
Stakeholder Analysis
Task Analysis
Feature Selection

Feature validation with Bayer

Prototype 1
LED for bubble illumination
Solenoid for bubble removal
Solenoid not working
Research 2
Based on our interview with this doctor, the biggest problem is UI of the machine when you're inputting the settings. The pressure jacket and what it does is almost of negligible importance.
Next Steps
Is to do what Bayer ask us to do which is to design a smarter pressure jacket, and in parallel propose a system and a better user-interface for the current power injector machine.
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