CMU Robotic's Club Redesign (WIP)
2018 // Web Design, UI, UX
Problem Space

As the first undergraduate robotics' club in the United State established in 1984, CMU Robotic's Club website's visual language and branding is clunky and outdated. The goal of this project is to redesign CMU's Robotic's Club website to be easy to manage for root, welcoming for new members, and trust-worthy for prospective sponsors. Additionally, another constrain is to properly transitioning a legacy design into a more streamlined and delightful expereince.
Co-Design with RoboClub
UX and Wireframing
Quick hand sketches for home page.
Live Wireframe Prototype
After finishing the wireframe for the whole website, I delivered it to Roboclub and sought feedback. Reviews are under progress. Here is the link to the live preview.
UI, Typography, and Color
Implementing CMU's Color Scheme properly into Robotic's Club website.
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