"My goal is to create futures for social good with emerging technology."
I study Design and HCI at CMU to make technology empowering and humane. With both technical and humanistic training, I am competent with both code and Copic markers. While I am capable of being a jack of all trade in a design process, I am most excited by collaborating across disciplines to create innovation.

Outside of school, I have fun in design competitions and hackathons. Last year I won a UX data visualization competition at CMU hosted by Deloitte, and this year I won the Tartanhacks Grand Prize with TrashML. Growing up in Thailand, Australia, and the US, I am passionate about the confluence of technology, culture, and design. I also hydroponically grow my own basil, cilantro, and tomatoes in my dorm and CMU Robotics club.

I'm currently looking for an internship opportunity for summer 2018. 
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