LG On-The-Go Meal Experience

Product Design Studio II
September 2018 (4 Weeks)
While meal packing is a sign of a healthy and efficient lifestyle, many people often struggle to create, pack, and bring their meal on-the-go. The challenge for this project to conceptualize an innovative product that enhances the user experience for a college-age student and style it to LG's existing visual brand language.
Landscape Analysis: What's Out There?

For my persona, I'm targeting the large capacity and durable market.

Self Task Anaylysis
Empathy: Contextual Interview

Subject's top 3 pain-points

Ideation & Rapid Prototyping

Early exploration via drawings and models.

All my models at the end of the project.

Testing and User Feedback
Visual Brand Language

Pre-CAD Orthographic Drawings

Applying Visual Brand Lanuage while retaining stackability 

Before and after applying visual brand language.

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